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May 5, 2014 / carlispina

Practice Programming Languages In Your Browser With

ReplitAs someone who is interested in both learning and teaching computer programming skills, I am always interested in tools that make computer programming more accessible to new learners., which was designed by Amjad Masad and Max Shawabkeh, is one such tool. It allows users to type code and see the results interactively within their browser and currently works with 18 programming languages, including JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and CoffeeScript.

Users can select their desired language, at which point the appropriate console loads. At that point, any code can be typed in and it will then be evaluated. This allows users to get a sense for the language, practice writing programs and catch mistakes dynamically in the browser. In addition, includes example code for each language so that users can see some basic functions and code snippets and see how they behave in the console. Clicking on any of these examples will automatically load them in the console so the user can test them out.

Users also have the option to share code that they write either via a unique URL, via Facebook, Twitter or Google+, or by downloading it to use in other applications. It is a great tool for practicing any of the available languages. Even better, it is an open source project and the code is available on GitHub for anyone who wants to make use of the code in their own projects.


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