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March 24, 2016 / carlispina

Personalize Your Avatars and Emoji With Bitmoji (and a Hiatus Announcement)

Bitmoji LogoEmoji, memes, and GIFs are everywhere on the internet, but they don’t generally let you add a personalized touch to your communications. Bitmoji is a free app for iOS, Android, and Google Chrome that changes this. With Bitmoji you can create a wide range of emoji-like images that feature a personalized character that can be made to look as much (or as little) like yourself as you want.

The first step to using Bitmoji is creating your avatar. When you first use the app, you are walked through the process of selecting everything from hair color to face shape to body shape. Once you have the physical features finalized, you can also pick your character’s outfit, choosing from designer fashions, casual looks, or superhero costumes. Periodically, the app also features the option for seasonal outfits as well, such as a Christmas sweater in December. When your character is finalized, Bitmoji automatically generates a wide range of emoji featuring this new character. At this point, you can either install Bitmoji as another keyboard on your device to automatically use Bitmoji in your texting app (or other apps) or you can open the Bitmoji app each time you want to copy an image or use one of them in an app. The images are organized into different categories, though one of my biggest complaints is that it can be difficult to remember where each of the images is located. The images are cute and cover a wide enough range of interactions that it is practically possible to have a conversation entirely in Bitmoji images.

image1Bitmoji features images and costumes related to popular culture, famous fashion designers, catch phrases, slang, and commonly used phrases. Each week, new free content is released, which keeps the app fresh and up-to-the-minute on many pop culture occurrences. It can be fun to play with ways to combine these into cute references, like this example of my avatar dressed as Batman with the caption “Treat Yo Self,” an Easter egg for Parks and Rec fans. Bitmoji is a fun app that offers a lot of cute options. It is a silly but entertaining way to bring some personality to your communications.

This week I also wanted to announce that this blog will be on hiatus until June of this year since I will be teaching some classes and traveling quite a bit for the next couple of months. I might post sporadically during this period, but I don’t plan to post on my regular schedule.


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