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March 17, 2016 / carlispina

Collect and Share Resources With TileAcademy

TileAcademyTileAcademy is a new resource that allows users to create simple pages for collecting and sharing resources. Still in Beta, this application is geared towards those in the education field and places a particular focus on features that make it useful and useable for teachers in a variety of educational settings.

The idea behind TileAcademy is fairly simple. You create “Walls” that collect your resources. These resources can be almost anything you can think of: links to websites (which will either have an automatic image or one you add yourself), text, images, content from cloud services including Office 365, DropBox, Google Drive, and OneDrive, Android or iOS apps, or even content from your institution’s server if you are working on an account affiliated with a particular school. You can also search across other TileAcademy users’ content and pull in their public items with a single click. In addition to this ease of adding items to your Wall, you can also change the look of your Wall by choosing from multiple possible layouts or backgrounds.

Though TileAcademy is useful to keep track of items for your own use, its real purpose is to facilitate sharing these items with others. If you make your page public, this can be done through TileAcademy’s search feature. However, the primary purpose of sharing these resources is to streamline the process of sharing items with students in the classroom or beyond its walls. As part of this functionality, users can use the single-sign-in feature to save passwords for applications on their Wall to make it easier for students to login without needing to remember multiple passwords. Walls can be shared via a link, QR code, email, or social media from within the application to facilitate sharing content with students. Walls can also be public, hidden so that users need the URL to find them, password protected, or completely private so that only invited users can access them. Though it is hardly the only tool with this focus, TileAcademy does offer nice features that make it a good option for teachers and librarians looking for a free tool for this purpose.


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