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March 7, 2016 / carlispina

Bring Some Fun To Your To-Do List With Victories

Victories LogoHave you ever wanted to make your to-do list a bit more dramatic? A bit more fun? Victories is a new app that will help with this process. Despite having many features found in a standard mobile to-do list app, Victories differentiates itself by adding game elements to the process.

When you first set up the app, you are asked to decide whether you wish to be a king or a queen. Once you have decided, you are then given a selection of 8-bit style characters to select from. This character starts as a lowly peasant, but as you complete items on your to-do list, you can earn points to level your character up over time. Completing an item on your list is a battle that you have “won” and any items you remove from your list without completing them are “surrenders.” The app not only grants you points for completing tasks, but also tracks stats on time spent between battles and “conquests” which are to-do lists taken as a whole.

These are the fun elements of the app, but the mechanics of the to-do list features are also important. The app uses simple gestures that will be familiar to those who have used other mobile to-do list apps. Adding a task only requires double tapping on the screen, at which point you can type multiple tasks with double space in between them or you can include notes on individual items by only a single space. When you complete an item on the list, you simply swipe to the right to “win” that battle and earn your points. Items that you no longer want to complete can be removed by swiping left. The mechanics of the app work well and when combined with the cute graphics and entertaining point system, make this a nice option for users who think a sense of competition will motivate them to complete tasks.

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