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February 29, 2016 / carlispina

Voice Editing Comes to Google Docs

Last fall I wrote about Google’s new Voice Typing feature. This tool brought fairly high-quality dictation options to Google Docs, which was a very impressive new addition. On February 24th, this feature was significantly expanded to allow you to not only dictate text but to also edit your document through voice commands as well.

These new features allow you to navigate through your document to make changes and additions to earlier sections of your work as well as making it easy to add formatting as you go along without ever touching your keyboard. Using this tool you can do everything from cutting and pasting text, to adding equations to your file, to inserting tables. To do this, you will need to be familiar with a lengthy list of commands, but fortunately many of them are quite intuitive. As with most all current dictation and voice command tools, this is not perfect and does require a specific set of circumstances, such as a decent quality microphone (though you may be able to use the one built into your device) and a room without too much background noise. However, the tool is impressive, particularly for those who are looking for a free/low-cost option for dictation or voice command software. It is definitely worth a try.  You can check out this tool in action in the video below:


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