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February 15, 2016 / carlispina

Pick Meeting Times With WhenIsGood

Scheduling meetings and events with a large number of participants can be difficult, making good scheduling tools important. Doodle Poll has been my go-to option for this, but recently I discovered an alternative that offers some very nice features. Called WhenIsGood, this tool makes it quick to set up a poll. When you first create a new event you are presented with a calendar showing 60 minute intervals over a three week period. You can select possible times by simply “painting” them with your mouse, which means clicking and dragging over all of the available times. From there you can name your event and your poll is ready to be circulated. If these default settings don’t meet your needs, you can further customize your calendar to show 15 or 30 minute intervals, display only particular days or times of day, or specify a timezone.

WhenIsGood Screenshot

Once you have finalized your invitation, you can create the event with the click of a button, at which point you will be given a code that is used to retrieve the results of the poll and a URL for sharing your poll with participants. This entire process can be completed in mere minutes and does not require an account or any login process. If you opt to create a free account, you do gain access to some additional features, including the ability to edit or delete polls. For those with even greater needs, there is also an option to pay $20 a year for a premium account that removes ads, offers the option to say a time might work, and includes the ability to export to Excel. WhenIsGood is a great alternative to other polling tools and, in many cases, will probably allow you to create and respond to polls even more quickly than other comparable tools. It is well worth a try.


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