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February 4, 2016 / carlispina

Create Mobile Graphics With Adobe Post

Adobe Post LogoIf you frequently create graphics for personal or professional social media accounts, you may be interested in the new Adobe Post app. With this free app, you can quickly create social media graphics that combine text and images in eye-catching ways. The app includes access to a large number of public domain images, which are both browseable and searchable, making it easy to find the right images for your needs.

To start the process, you can either start from a blank slate or remix an existing sample graphic. Once you have created the base graphic, you can select which image, font, style, and design to use. You can also change the color palette and filters on the graphic to further personalize it. Finished graphics can be shared via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, text message and other apps that work with images. The image can also be exported to your device for use elsewhere. Though you won’t be able to create extremely complicated graphics from your mobile device, this app is nice for create quick, basic social media graphics. If you frequently find yourself wanting to create graphics on the go, Adobe Post is worth a try, particularly if you already have an Adobe account.


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