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January 21, 2016 / carlispina

Collecting Dogs With Boku To Wanko

Boku To Wanko LogoLast fall Neko Atsume took at least certain parts of the internet by storm. This app allows players to tend to a yard full of cats. You leave out toys and food for them and they come by to play and, hopefully, leave you presents. Given the popularity of this Japanese game, it is no surprise that a version for dog lovers has emerged.

In Boku To Wanko (available for both iOS and Android devices), the premise and many of the game mechanics are the same as Neko Atsume. You leave food and toys out in a small yard and dogs come to play, eat, and entertain you. Though the game is not from the same company as Neko Atsume, the gameplay is extremely similar. You start with a small yard and a bowl of food and you decide how to use your dog bones to purchase new items for your dogs to play with or eat. Unlike Neko Atsume, specific items are tied more closely to individual dogs, meaning that each item will only attract a small number of dogs. In total, there are currently 42 dogs that you can try to find. Each dog who visits will reward you with silver or gold bones as well as sometimes other gifts such as a watch or a tennis ball. Once you have saved up a set number of gold bones, you can purchase two additional spaces for your dogs to play in.

Screenshot of the AppThis game doesn’t quite live up to Neko Atsume in my opinion. Part of the reason for that is that this app is still only available in Japanese, though that may change as it did recently with Neko Atsume. However, even aside from the language issue, this app doesn’t seem quite as easy to play as Neko Atsume, especially since you can only accumulate a small number of gifts at a time, which means that you will either have to check much more frequently or spend a much longer time accumulating bones. Another option, of course, is purchasing them, but you can download and play the game entirely for free if you would like. Also unlike Neko Atsume, there are ads built into the main pages in the app. If you are a dog fan or a big fan of Neko Atsume, you will probably like this app too, but it doesn’t quite compare to the Neko Atsume experience and feels a bit like a copycat of that app.

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