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December 14, 2015 / carlispina

Experience the Contrast Rebellion

This post focuses on a web design resource instead of a new technology. Contrast Rebellion is a website that is devoted to convincing people to relegate low-contrast text to the trash bin of web design. The site does this through examples of both low-contrast and high-contrast content aimed to show why designers should pick one over the other. At the end of its heavily designed visuals, which are intended to support this argument, it ends with a collection of resources for those who still aren’t quite persuaded.

I think this site is a good place to start for resources to persuade those who remain skeptical about the importance of using high-contrast text in all web design projects. The resources at the end combine accessibility resources with studies and papers on readability and usability for both computer screen and mobile device reading. It’s a nice place to start your search for arguments against low-contrast and gray text. However, to go with the catchy, graphic nature of this website, I would also recommend checking out some contrast checking software and web checkers. First, check out WebAIM’s Color Contrast Checker, which will let you evaluate colors before you use them. Then, once you’ve created your site or while editing existing sites, try WAVE to find any problems with contrast on your entire site. These tools will help you put contrast best practices into action. If you want to do further accessibility testing on your site, you can find more tools and information on my Accessibility Tools guide.


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