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December 7, 2015 / carlispina

Share Quotes With Quotle

Quortle LogoSocial media allows us to share almost anything with our friends, but Quotle is a new iOS app that aims to bring particular focus to how we share quotes from our favorite literature. With this app, you can either type in text from your favorite books and stories or you can take pictures of the text from within the app. Then you can style the quotation, add a source, and share it on the app. At this point, you can also push the quotation directly to Facebook, Twitter, or Evernote.

Quotle is a fun way for readers to share quotations. You can share short or long quotations with ease. If you opt to take a picture of a page to capture the quotation rather than typing it in by hand, Quotle offers the option to do this with or without your phone’s light on and allows you to take a picture of an entire page and then define the section that you want to OCR after you have taken the photo. While the OCR option is a nice idea, I found that, as with most OCR tools, it wasn’t 100% accurate, but Quotle offers the option to correct any errors, making the process fairly user-friendly.

Once you have your quotation ready to go, you can choose between eight font styles and five color schemes to personalize what you share. In addition to adding the source of your quotation, you can also add a short message when you push it out on Quotle, Facebook, Twitter, or Evernote explaining why you are sharing it. Each quotation can also be assigned to one of 19 categories to make it easier to find. If you are just interested in finding quotations that others have shared, you can navigate through a timeline on the home screen of the app or you can find content by going to the pages for each category. If you are a fan of sharing quotations with your friends, Quortle is a cute app that focuses on making this process as seamless as possible.



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