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November 12, 2015 / carlispina

Create A Timeline With Timetoast

Timetoast logoRecently, I wrote about how to create timelines with TimelineJS, but there are other great tools available for creating interactive timelines too. Timetoast is one such tool. Using this tool, you can create free timelines, though if you pay for a subscription, you can also access additional features such as collaborative features for creating a timeline with a team.

When you first start to create a timeline, you will be asked to name it, add it to a topic category, and, if you want, add a picture for the top of the timeline. You can also keep the timeline in draft mode until you are ready to publish it. You will then see a blank timeline with the option to add either discrete events or timespans to your timeline. Events must have a title and a specific date, but can also have an image, link, and brief description. Timespans are also required to have a title as well as a start and end date. They can also have a link and a description, if desired. Once you have added all of your desired events and timespans, you can navigate through them using the arrows at the bottom of the timeline. Each event is displayed as a small image (if you have added one), the date and a title. To see additional information, such as the description and link, users must click on the event, which then expands and centers on the screen to display additional information. Timespans similarly only show the title until they’re expanded. The finished timeline has a nice look that isn’t overly cluttered since extra information is only displayed when clicked. In addition, published timelines can be linked to, embedded, printed, or displayed in a full screen view. Users can also add comments to timelines.

While a current drawback of Timetoast is its reliance on Flash for advanced features, their FAQ suggests that they are working to improve the experience, so hopefully they will move to an approach that makes timelines fully accessible on devices that don’t offer Flash support. Overall, Timetoast seems to be actively developing and releasing new features in response to user requests, including additional support for B.C. dates and easier ways to create accounts for collaboration on Premium accounts. If you are looking for another timeline option, this is one worth checking out, particularly if you have the budget to pay for premium features.


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