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November 2, 2015 / carlispina

Collaborative, Online Brainstorming With Dotstorming

Dotstorming logoDotstorming is an interesting new tool that brings collaborative brainstorming online. With this tool you can create topics, each of which have their own page. You can then add ideas and pictures to the page to create a collection of possibilities for brainstorming. Pictures can be added either via URL or by uploading the image and they can also be given an optional name if desired. Each topic page is shareable either via email or URL so that other collaborators can vote on the ideas. The initial creator of the page can opt to limit how many votes each other person gets, if desired. Once everyone has voted, you can rank each option by number of votes simply by clicking a single button.

Pages can be shared with anyone, even those who do not have a Dotstorming account. All collaborators must do to participate on the page is enter their name. They then have the right to add their own ideas or images and can also vote or write comments on existing ideas and images. Each topic page also has a built-in chat feature so collaborators can have realtime discussions throughout the process. Dotstorming is a great option for use as a teacher or as a participant in a professional collaboration with remote coworkers.


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