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October 29, 2015 / carlispina

Watch YouTube Videos While You Work With Sideplayer

YouTube offers a great way to see everything from live-streaming events to cute cat videos, but these videos are generally tied to the YouTube platform, which makes it difficult to watch them while surfing the web or working in other tabs. Sideplayer is a tool to change this. With this Chrome extension you can pop out YouTube videos and watch them while working in other tabs.

Once you have installed the extension, every YouTube video that you watch will have an additional button below it labelled “Play in Sideplayer”. Clicking this button will pop the video out into a small box that starts in the upper right corner of your browser window. This video box can be moved to wherever you would like in your browser window and can even be expanded or shrunk to your preference. The video will now appear in this location no matter what browser tab you move to, allowing you to watch your video as you work in other tabs and applications. I’ve occasionally encountered error messages using the extension, but I’ve managed to get every video I’ve tried to watch working even after errors. This can be a fun tool for those who like to multitask in particular and I’d recommend it if you’ve ever felt frustrated with trying to watch a video on YouTube while doing other work.


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