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October 19, 2015 / carlispina

Search Photos on Social Media with EyeIn

EyeIn LogoRecently, Mobli Media launched a new image search tool called EyeIn. Unlike most online image search tools, EyeIn is focused specifically on searching through images shared via social media. Currently, the tool searches through Instagram and Twitter to retrieve images that are relevant to your specific search terms. The search is focused specifically on finding results from events and locations, so the results are divided into two categories, the first showing maps of relevant locations and the second displaying what are called “Events & Trends” related to your search term. Users can refine their results by selecting one of the locations mapped out in the first section or by customizing the time frame for the search as seen below.

EyeIn Screenshot

As a search tool for individuals, EyeIn is an interesting way to see what is trending on a particular topic for simple search terms, recent events, or specific locations. Once you have found an image from the event or location you are interested in, you can click on it to see more photos from that event or location. From this second page, you also have the ability to share the results either by embedding the EyeIn plugin on your page or by sharing the page on Twitter or Facebook. This page will also point you to related trends on EyeIn. However, the larger goal of EyeIn is to provide a tool for online publishers that want to integrate the royalty-free media shared on social media into their own articles. An article by Fast Company gave the example of Huffington Post integrating EyeIn results into an article about an Ed Sheeran concert. This allowed Huffington Post to have free, up-to-the-minute images from the concert on their article at all times and this professional use is the one that will likely be the primary focus of EyeIn.

So far, I find it easy to use, though perhaps not yet perfected. In particular, one of the stated goals of EyeIn is to “filter out content like selfies” as TechCrunch noted, but I found that there were still a number of selfies in the results for my searches. Moreover, if you do opt to embed or share results, there doesn’t seem to be any way to manually eliminate this content. However, over time EyeIn will likely improve its filtering ability, which will make it a powerful tool for searching through media shared on social networks.


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