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October 5, 2015 / carlispina

Explore Sound With the Sound Uncovered App

Sound Uncovered LogoThe Exploratorium, “a museum of science, art, and human perception” in San Francisco, CA, has released two educational apps that are not only great options for anyone interested in science, but are also nice examples of how museums can design apps to complement their mission. The museum is focused on helping people to learn through curiosity and exploration, and their apps help them to extend their impact beyond the walls of their museum. Today I will be focusing on Sound Uncovered.

The Sound Uncovered app, which is available free for iOS devices, includes fifteen different features about different aspects of sound. Each of these features includes an interactive element and text that explains the scientific phenomenon that is at work in the interactive element. Every element of the app is beautifully designed and wholly engaging. Though much of the text would be challenging for very young readers, they will no doubt enjoy many of the interactive pieces. Moreover, because the content is not all geared towards young users, almost everyone can learn something from this app. It is a great teaching tool that could be integrated into courses or included on a library’s borrowable iPad. In my next post later this week, I will discuss the Exploratorium’s other app, Color Uncovered.

Sound Uncovered Screenshot


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