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October 1, 2015 / carlispina

Bring Your Photos To Life With Giffiti

Giffiti LogoIt seems like every day the number of GIFs found on social media increases exponentially. The recently released Giffiti app for iOS devices now makes it even easier to add GIFs to photos you take yourself with your iOS device.

This free app connects to your device’s photo roll and allows you to add any of the included GIFs to your images. There are over 100 animated GIFs to choose from. Once you have selected your GIF (only one can be added to an image), you can drag it to your desired location on the picture, rotate the image in any direction and resize it to better fit with the underlying image. The GIFs include popular memes of both animated figures, real people, text, and movie scenes. The entire process of creating a finalized image can be as quick as a few seconds and when you are pleased with your results, the integrated Share button makes it simple to post to Twitter or Instagram or to save it to your device for later use. The app is extremely easy to learn and adds a fun element to photos. I would note however that some of the GIFs are at least PG-13, which is worth keeping in mind if you are planning to use this around your library or recommend it to patrons.


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