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September 17, 2015 / carlispina

Take Notes, Sketch Pictures, and Record Audio With Whink

Whink LogoWhink is a versatile app for iPad users that captures and combines all kinds of notes and information. Using the app, you can handwrite or type notes, record audio files, highlight existing text, and even integrate other media directly into your document.

If you opt to use the typing option, Whink includes more than simple text typing. You can add styles and colors to your text and can also incorporate bullets, numbers, or checklists with one tap. The handwriting feature also allows you to write in several colors and styles as well as allowing you to add drawings to your document. In either type of document, you can also incorporate post-it notes, tags, and images. Once you are done with a file, it can also be shared in either the Whink format or as a PDF if you want to open it with other apps or programs.

Whink also incorporates a separate reading mode that focuses on an ideal reading experience, including the ability to jump between sections of the document you are reading as well as the ability to highlight portions of the text. It is also possible to search through your document if you want to jump directly to a specific section of the text, though this feature does not currently work on handwritten documents. Since you can open PDF documents using the Whink app, this means that you can annotate any of your existing PDFs using the features in this app.

Whink also has a pretty nice user interface that is intuitive and incorporates some helpful features. For example, when you are in a document, you can tap the lightbulb icon to see pop-up information that highlights how to use the key features in the app and when you create a new document you are given customization options for many different use cases. To take advantage of the full range of features, including advanced shape options and audio recording, you do have to pay for the premium version of the app, but at a one-time cost of $2.99, this is actually a fairly reasonable cost for frequent iPad users. Whink is a handy app for creating and annotating documents on your iPad.


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