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August 24, 2015 / carlispina

Review Your Writing Process With Draftback

One of the great features of Google Docs is that the fact it makes it easier to track your editing history and collaborate with other users. But, what if you want to get a full sense of the entire history of your revision process, Draftback is a great tool. This free Chrome extension tracks every edit you make in a document and replays them all for you with the click of a button.

Once you install the extension, it can be used with any document, regardless of whether you created it before or after you installed Draftback. The tool appears as a button at the top right of your document that shows the total number of edits you have made to the document. When you click the button, a box will pop up showing the rate at which your Draftback is rendering. Once that process is complete, you can click “View” to open a new tab with the playback. While Draftback will automatically start replaying your edits at a fairly brisk pace, you can slow this down, fast forward or rewind, pause, or move the slider through the history using the control panel at the top.


In addition to this playback feature, Draftback also includes an option to see some statistics about your project, including information about each of the editing sessions by each user and graphs visualizing the edits. This tool is a nice way of learning about the portions of your editing or collaborating process that might be invisible to you as you work and it is a nice tool to show to students who need to learn more about the editing process. It is definitely worth a try.


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