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August 10, 2015 / carlispina

Create Diagrams and Mind Maps with Coggle

Coggle is an interesting new option for those who frequently create diagrams and mind maps. This tool, which integrates with Google Drive, comes with a lot of great features that allow users to make multicolor diagrams or mind maps that can incorporate text and images. Coggle offers three different types of accounts. With a free account, you can create unlimited diagrams and upload unlimited images simply by dragging them from your desktop onto your diagram. Diagrams can even incorporate LaTeX for mathematical functions. Diagrams all start with a central hub and adding additional nodes is as easy as clicking the plus sign. Nodes can be moved by clicking and dragging them to the desired location and each node can have sub-nodes added as well. You can delete nodes by clicking either alt (or on a Mac Command) and the node. Power users will appreciate the fact that Coggle has a number of short cuts built in and displays a guide to these commands on the left side of the screen. Though each node and line on your diagram will be assigned a color when it is created, you can change this color by clicking on the line and selecting a color from the wheel that pops up. If you change your mind about any of your decisions along the way, another feature allows you to review the entire history of your edits and revert back if you would like. You can also invite other users to collaborate with you on a diagram. Once you are finished with your diagram, it can be exported as an image, PDF, .txt, or .mm file. You can also share your diagram online by sharing the link or embedding it on an existing website.

For $5 a month, you can also upgrade your account so that you can use the Coggle presentation mode or make your diagrams private. Private diagrams will remain private even if you cancel your subscription and they won’t be indexed by search engines. Organizations that want to make use of Coggle as a team can pay $8 per month per user to get additional enterprise features, such as an administrative interface, the ability to customize the branding on diagrams, and the ability to do bulk data back ups. If you or your organization frequently create diagrams or mind maps, Coggle is worth a look, especially if you also use Google Drive.


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