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July 6, 2015 / carlispina

Learn Dutch With Hoi Holland

In recent years, language tutorials have proliferated rapidly both as web tutorials and as apps. Some tools, like Mango Languages and Duolingo offer lessons on multiple languages, while others such as Nihongo Master focus on a single language. Hoi Holland is a new app that focuses specifically on teaching users Dutch.

Available for both iOS and Android, the app focuses on teaching the basics of Dutch language and culture with a particular focus on phrases that will be of use to students or young adults. The app is broken into five levels and offers a total of 30 different lessons. It isn’t aimed at making users fluent in Dutch, but instead focuses on making it fun to learn the basics of the language. To this end, all of the lessons focus on 6 Dutch young people who are the guides and teachers throughout the entire app.

I’m just getting started with Hoi Holland, but so far it is a nice app for those who want to learn the basics of Dutch, particularly for a trip to Holland. The app’s content offers a nice starting place for traveler-friendly phrases and conversations. Intermediate and advanced students probably won’t learn much from these lessons, but if you are new to Dutch, this free app is worth checking out. You can see an introduction to the app in the video below.


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