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June 8, 2015 / carlispina

Manage Your Chrome Tabs With Spaces

Last week I wrote about The Great Suspender as an option for managing tabs in Chrome, so this week I thought I would look at another option, an extension called Spaces. This browser extension takes a different approach to the same issue of multiple Chrome tabs eating up RAM.

Instead of suspending tabs when they aren’t in use, Spaces is designed to encourage users to organize their tabs into multiple named windows by type of project (work, leisure, shopping, etc.). At the same time, Spaces is tracking your web activity in a separate window on your computer. It displays your active spaces (which refers to any browser window) as well as any closed spaces. For each space, both active and recently closed tabs are tracked, which makes it possible to close tabs, or even whole windows, that you no longer need and then reopen them later. You can also easily import new spaces by typing in a list of line-separated URLs. As soon as you click import, each of the URLs will be opened in its own tab in a new browser window.

Spaces Screenshot

Overall, Spaces is a nice way to organize and track your tab and window usage in Chrome. It won’t necessarily inherently improve your memory usage since that still requires you to opt to close tabs, but if you are interested in better organizing your Chrome usage, Spaces is an interesting option.


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