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May 18, 2015 / carlispina

Make Interactive Videos With Storygami

Storygami logoVideo tutorials and promotional videos can be a great way for videos to connect with their patrons, but it can be difficult to make them interactive. While some video editing software allows for this, it is often expensive or has a steep learning curve. Storygami is a new tool that makes this process easier and more manageable.

With Storygami, you can add interactive elements to existing videos that are hosted on YouTube or Vimeo. The first step in the process of creating an interactive video is to find the URL of the video that you want to use. This can be any video on YouTube or Vimeo for which you have a URL; it does not have to be a video that you created. You then create your Storygami by entering the URL and the title for your project. At this point, you will select a theme, which basically amounts to a color scheme for your project (users with free or “Lite” account can choose from 8 themes but those with paid accounts can customize their theme). Then, all that remains to be done is dragging elements into your project. You can choose to add images, maps, videos within your video, a profile, text, or social media elements and the Storygami website suggests that the ability to add forms may be on the horizon. Since the tool is in beta, features are being added all the time, and those who pay for Enterprise accounts can even put in feature requests at any time. Elements in your project will appear in your project’s menu but you can also choose to have them pop up at a specified point in your video either as a visible pop-up or as a transparent but clickable overlay. Each of these elements can be added to your video or moved around within your project by simply dragging and dropping them and all of the features make use of easy-to-understand controls and options, which will make even beginners feel at ease. You can also track the popularity of your resulting project using the analytics that are available to gauge whether your project is connecting with the desired audience.

Overall, I found that Storygami allows even new users to quickly add interactive elements to existing videos. The resulting projects can be shared via link or embedded on an existing website using the provided code. Storygami also makes it easy to share the project on social media. If you are looking for an easy way to add interactivity to videos and track its popularity, Storygami is worth a try.


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