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May 7, 2015 / carlispina

Create an Interactive Experience for Your Audience With

With mobile devices continually increasing in prevalence, many events, teachers, and presenters are finding new ways to add interactivity to their presentations and classes. There are a number of tools available to support these activities, from those like TodaysMeet that facilitate event backchannels to tools like Socrative that make it easy to ask your audience questions and share their responses. A new option in this area is

Using, event organizers can offer audience members a way to ask questions online, vote on which questions are the most popular, and answer poll questions. Audience members can participate by navigating to the website and entering the event’s unique code. This will take them into the event’s virtual space, where they can ask questions, see the questions being asked by others, and vote for the most interesting questions. As audience members vote on questions, the list is ranked with the most popular at the top of the page, making it easy for the presenter to see which questions the audience would like to see answered. also offers a presentation view that can be projected at the front of the view which shows both the event code needed to log into and the list of ranked questions.

In addition to soliciting questions from the audience, can also be used to ask questions through the polling feature. These questions can be set in advance of your event and when they are opened to audience members, the presentation view will show a graph of the results in real time as audience members respond. Both the polling data and the questions are stored after the event as well and offers analytics on how the tool was used at your event, which can be helpful for planning future events. offers the option for a free account, but if you do opt to pay to use the service, you will have access to several additional features. One of the most interesting of these features is the ability to moderate questions before they are displayed to the audience. Unfortunately, the free account does not have any comparable options, but is willing to work with educational institutions and non-profits that are interested in using the tool. If you have found the existing event backchannel tools lacking for your needs, is an interesting new option that is worth checking out. You can see the basic question feature in action in the video below and you can find other alternatives on this Teaching Tools guide.


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