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April 27, 2015 / carlispina

Wake Up With Carrot Alarm – Whether You Want To Or Not

Carrot Alarm LogoPreviously I have written about Carrot’s To-Do and Weather apps, which offer a snarky take on these typical functions. Today I will be writing about Carrot Alarm, another app from the same makers that brings their “AI” and her sarcastic dialogue to the world of alarm clock apps.

This app will be familiar to those who have used Carrot’s other apps. It makes use of the same look and feel of those apps in addition to the biting commentary common to all of the Carrot apps. In this one, you can merely drag the time up or down to set the time you want the alarm to go off. Once the time is right, you drag the AI’s “ocular sensor,” which is a circular icon at the top of the screen, to the right to turn the alarm on. For best results, you are then instructed to leave the app open overnight (you can see the exact message below as an example of the tone of the app). If you change your mind about the alarm, you can turn the alarm off and reset it by dragging the circular icon to the left.

Setting the timeAlarm Set

MessageWhen the app wakes you, it offers a combination of incentives to get up and tasks to ensure that you do. Initially the alarm is a simple tone, but after you use the app more you will unlock songs that can play when the alarm goes off as well. You turn the alarm off by dragging the circular icon up, at which point the AI gives you various tasks to complete to make sure you are actually up, which mostly involve swiping the screen or shaking your device. You can snooze by dragging the icon down instead, but if you do, the screen will turn red when the AI gets mad. You will be given a short reprieve, but when you eventually get up, you’ll still have to complete the tasks. Overall, this app probably won’t make you want to get up, but it will make the process more fun and, if you find yourself sleeping through your alarm, might make be more effective than a normal alarm clock.


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