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April 13, 2015 / carlispina

Make Music With Incredibox

Incredibox is a fun, funny way to create online music. Using any one of the four available versions, you can create your own mix by selecting various musical effects. Each of the four versions offers a different combination of sounds, effects, and visual elements, but in all of them, you are presented with a series of male figures. Initially blank, you can drag various beats, effects, melodies, and voices onto the figures. These elements come with both sounds and an outfit that then go onto the figure you have selected. Each time you add a figure to your mix, he waits one cycle and then starts playing the sound you have chosen. Slowly this process builds your entire mix. You can change your mind and change any of the figures and you can give individuals a “solo” by clicking and briefly holding over them or turn them off by simply clicking. Though each combination sounds different, the impressive part of Incredibox is that every permutation you can think of sounds like a cohesive song created by a real song writer.



Once you have created your song, you can record it and share it via social media and the Incredibox website, which maintains a top 50 list of the most popular mixes that users create. While I could see potentially using this with students who are learning about creating songs and the different elements of songs, I mostly just think this a fun web app to play with.


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