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March 26, 2015 / carlispina

Trying Out Instagram’s New Layout App

Layout logoEarlier this week, Instagram debuted their latest app, Layout. With this app, Instagram aims to enter the collage app market. As with virtually every collage app on the market, Layout makes it easy to pull images into the app from your device. As a nice added feature, users can opt to limit the images they are searching through to only those with faces in them or those that were taken recently. I found that this feature worked pretty well, though it did pull in some additional images that had faces in the background, such as book covers.

Once you have selected your images, you can choose a layout from the options displayed at the top of the app. The app accommodates a lot of different types of layouts depending on the number of images you add to your collage. And, even if you don’t think that any of the layouts match your exact needs, you can edit the layout before finalizing your collage by resizing individual images, dragging the images into a different order, or changing the portion of the image that appears in the collage. At this point, you can also replace images with others from your device or flip the images either horizontally or vertically. Finished collages can be saved to your device and they can also be shared on Instagram, Facebook, or with the text message, email, or cloud apps on your device.

Overall, Layout has an easy learning curve and allows users to create nice collages, but it doesn’t have any features that set it apart from other collages. However, this free app is another nice option if you like to create and share photo collages.


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