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March 16, 2015 / carlispina

Keep Track Of How Much Water You Drink With Plant Nanny

Plant Nanny LogoIt is easy to know that it is important to drink enough water every day. But it can still be hard to actually remember to drink throughout the day. Plant Nanny (available for iOS and Android) is an app with the singular aim of solving this problem.

With this app, users plant and maintain a cartoon plant of their choice. The first time a user sets up their plant they also put in their weight and whether they lead a sedentary, regular or active lifestyle. At this point, users can also customize the size and type of cup or bottle they would like to use for their water, which then determines how much water they will give their plant each time they log into the app. Every time users drink during the day, they can open the app and record this activity. As the plant gets more water, it continues to grow and develop. Since the app aims to help users consume a healthy amount of water, it will not only tell users if they aren’t drinking enough, but will also warn users when they are drinking too much. To prevent users from having an incentive to drink to0 much, the app also has a maximum amount of water that users can give their plant at any given time.

While the app doesn’t require that users do anything other than enter their water intake, it also offers additional options for customization, including background scenery for the plant and different planters, for those who would like to further personalize their experience. I found it to be a cute app and it definitely made me think more about the amount of water I was drinking on any given day. Plant Nanny is worth checking out if you are interested in tracking your water intake. Special thanks to Coral for sharing a picture of her plant on Twitter, which is how I found the app.


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