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March 9, 2015 / carlispina

Create Diagrams and Drawings with

Whether you want to create diagrams, drawings, or mindmaps, is a nice tool that makes it simple to create this content on the web and save it directly to your Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive account. Best of all, it offers the option to start from scratch but also offers an array of templates from mindmaps to engineering diagrams and almost everything in between to help you get started.

Getting started with is as simple as authorizing the application to access your choice of online storage account.Though also allows you to save your finished drawings to your computer or other device, its integration with cloud-based storage applications is really one of its nicest features, so I would recommend trying that option to gain the full benefit of the tool. Once you have connected it to Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive or opted to save your diagram to your device, you will have the choice to start with a blank document or with any one of over 60 templates that include common options such as mindmaps and website wireframes and more unusual options such as network diagrams. If none of these templates work for you, there is also an option to import a template from a URL. Chart Templates Screenshot

Regardless of which approach you take to getting started with your diagram, you will then have access to an impressive number of options and tools to customize your final project. Adding an element to your diagram is as easy as dragging it from the menu on the left to its desired location on the diagram. While each diagram element is selected it can be styled by adding text, alignment, or colors, which can be selected from the provided options or customized with a hex value. makes it particularly easy to ensure that your design elements are properly placed in relation to one another with helpful automatic guides that will help you to space the elements on the page and align them with one another. In addition to the design elements that are provided, you can also create your own shape if you would like. And, you can add text anywhere on the diagram and add other elements such as hyperlinks and imported images. Screenshot

Finished diagrams can be downloaded as a wide range of file types or you can instead get the code needed to embed the diagram elsewhere on the web. You can also share your diagram with other users under the same terms as any other document in the application you chose to connect with. is a very nice option for creating, sharing, and collaborating on diagrams.

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