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February 26, 2015 / carlispina

Combine Your Favorite Vines With Vine Masher

If you use Vine, you probably already know that it is a great application for creating and sharing short video clips. But until now you have had limited options for sharing or combining these videos. Vine Masher aims to offer this functionality to Vine users and fans. Using this tool, you can “mash-up” up to nine Vines and then share the result on social media or by embedding it on a website.

Vine Masher makes the process of combining Vines extremely simple. Using the built-in search feature, you can search for any keyword or hashtag that you want. Relevant Vines appear as thumbnails in a box on the left of the screen. Though they appear as static images, you can hover over the thumbnail to see the Vine play. When you find one that you like, you simply click on it and drag it into one of the nine squares to the right to create the order that you want. You can then play the Vine with or without audio to see if it meets your needs. At this point, you can also decide whether the mash-up should play on a continuous loop. Once you are happy with your combination, you can sign in with Twitter to save the mash-up with a title and brief description. Saved mash-ups can then be shared on Twitter or Facebook or via a URL. Vine Masher also provides embed code so that you can easily embed your final product on your website. Vine Masher is quick and easy to use and offers a nice How To guide that makes sure that users understand all of the available features. It is a nice tool for frequent Vine users or those who are using Vine for outreach and advertising purposes.

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 10.56.50 PM


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