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February 19, 2015 / carlispina

Take a Last Minute Vacation With Flight Tonight

Flight Tonight LogoMost people tend to plan big trips months in advance; but if you prefer the more spontaneous approach, Hopper has an app for you. As an addition to their primary Hopper app, which helps you to find the cheapest moment to purchase airplane tickets, they now offer Flight Tonight.

Flight Tonight Screenshot 1The app, which opens with a great graphic based off the most iconic scene from North By Northwest, asks you only one question – which city do you want to depart from? Once you set your location (or allow the app to detect it), the app will load the cheapest round-trip tickets to any destination from this location on the same day. This can result in some pretty good deals (I’ve seen domestic flights for under $200 and intercontinental flights for under $600), but the app will also return expensive flights on the same day. If you see one you are interested in, you can click on the name of the city to see the available departure times and trip lengths. When you select a specific option, you are given the option to go directly to a site to book the flight. I’ve generally found these to mostly be either Orbitz or Travelocity, but sometimes other travel companies are also an option.

Flight Tonight Screenshot 2Because you are only shown flights leaving the same day and are only offered set trip lengths, Flight Tonight is definitely not an option for those who like to plan ahead or those who have an inflexible schedule. But, if you find yourself with some unexpected free time or a trip that falls through, it can be a nice option for finding cheap itineraries and, even if you can’t travel, it can be kind of fun to “window shopping” for vacations, especially in the cold winter months. You can check out this free app on iTunes.


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