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February 16, 2015 / carlispina

Create a Video of Your Daily Live With 1 Second Everyday

1SE LogoHave you ever considered keeping a journal, but decided that you just don’t have the time? The 1 Second Everyday app (available for iOS and Android devices) makes it possible to keep a video journal even if you don’t have space in your schedule for a large time commitment. The process for achieving this is simple enough: the app simply pulls one second from a video taken on each day and combines them into a single video that summarizes each day for an entire period.

Though the app is simple, it does give users enough control to customize their video. You can opt to either record video clips from within the 1 Second Everyday app or you can allow the app to have access to the videos already stored on your device. Either way, the app will organize the available video clips onto a calendar. From there, you can go into the individual days to select which clip you would like to use (assuming you took multiple videos on a single day) and which 1 second segment of that video you would like to have included in your compilation. Compilations can be made for any period of time from 2 days to an entire year. Once you have created a compilation, it can be shared on social media or saved and at that point the underlying videos that were used to create it can be deleted without impacting your compilation. Another feature of the app is a section called “Crowds.” Here users can contribute their video snippets to group compilations on a diverse range of topics, including one that is a compilation of books that people are currently reading.

1 Second Everyday can also send you reminders so that you never forget to record a snippet. Overall, the app makes it easy to create video compilations that reflect your daily routine or a special trip. Though I am not a frequent videographer, I think 1 Second Everyday could actually make me create more videos with my phone. It is a fun app and a great option for those who love to create videos.


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