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February 12, 2015 / carlispina

Explore the Sailor’s Dream

Sailor's Dream LogoApps have offered artists and storytellers new ways to tell their stories and many are taking full advantage of this. I recently wrote about True Legends and in this post I will look at another app that is using the capabilities of iOS devices to tell a story in a new way. This app is The Sailor’s Dream, which is currently available for iOS devices.

The app’s creators describe it as “a peaceful narrative experience,” which I found to be accurate though I do think that peaceful is underselling it slightly. At various points the environments of the app and the details that you are able to piece together are also sad and even, at times, slightly foreboding. There is no particular order nor a strong plot through the app; instead you simply wander through the seascape that has been created for you, finding different islands and exploring them. The artwork and sound effects reminded me of Myst in some ways, but Sailor’s Dream does not rely on having users advance through puzzles in the same way that Myst did. Rather you are left to navigate your way through the buildings, ruins and environments that you find, unlocking music, short snippets of story, and new rooms to explore. Throughout it all, you are left with the choice of how you explore the world and which path you take, making this an interactive story. Overall, I think this is a very unique experience and one that is well worth checking out. The video below will give you a sense of the app’s design.


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