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February 9, 2015 / carlispina

Make a Form With Typeform

Typeform LogoThere are a lot of tools available to make it easier to create online forms and surveys, but given how frequently this comes up, new tools and options are always helpful. Typeform is a nice alternative to other form and survey tools I have tried. It allows users to create forms that are more visual and engaging than many of the other available tools and offers a nice drag-and-drop interface for users. As an added bonus, the company has a real focus on ensuring that the resulting forms are usable on all types of devices, which is not always the case with other tools.

One of the things that I feel sets Typeform apart from other options is the fact that it offers an easy way to create lots of types of content. It has a wide range of default options included in the “Core” (free) plan, including a “Legal” option that is designed for online click through agreements and similar legal agreements, file upload tools that can be used to have materials submitted to you via your form (for Pro plan members), and fun rating scale options that allow users to include typical shapes (stars or thumbs up) or more unusual ones (users can even rate your services as four dogs or nine skulls if you would like). You can also include images in your questions if you want respondents pick between various pictures, for example, when rating which design they like best. Forms can also include Welcome and Thank You screens, each of which can include up to 2.0 MB of images or videos, as well as including the more standard text. Though I haven’t tried it myself because it is part of the Pro plan, Typeform also includes Stripe integration so that users can accept payment via their forms.

Once you have set up your content, you can also customize the look and feel of your form extensively, including color, font, and background images, and configure messages that users receive. Completed forms can be distributed via URL or within your website as an embed. Responses can be analyzed from within the Typeform platform to see a dashboard about how people are accessing your form, get your results (including in a downloadable form), or to create reports. If you opt to upgrade to the Pro plan for a single form or on an ongoing basis, you can add in logic jumps within your questions, hidden fields, and the premium features I mentioned above. Typeform is a nice and easy-to-use form creation option. I would definitely recommend giving it a try if you are looking for a new way to create and distribute forms. You can see Typeform in action in the video below:


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