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February 2, 2015 / carlispina

Watch Videos With Friends With Let’s Gaze

Let's GazeHave you ever wanted to watch a video or movie with a friend or family member who doesn’t live near you? While possible, it can be difficult to correctly synchronize videos on two devices so that you are seeing the same moment at the same time. Let’s Gaze is a tool that tries to solve this problem.

Users who access the site can click on the “Start Gazing” button to get a unique link that can be shared with a friend. Neither the initial user nor the recipient of the link needs to create an account to use Let’s Gaze, which is an added bonus. The site includes options to automatically invite your friend to join you via Facebook or email, but you can also copy the link that is provided and share it by any other means you wish. When your friend clicks on the link, they will join you in Let’s Gaze and will have access to a page that you both see. The person who initiates the session can then either paste in a YouTube link or select a video from their computer (though it is important to note that each person will have to have an identical version of an .mp4 file locally available on their computer for this option to work). Each participant will have to give Let’s Gaze access to their device’s camera and microphone and then you will both see a screen with video chat windows and a full-window version of the video. Either participant can play and pause the video, turn on or off captioning (if available), and adjust the volume. You can also type comments to one another rather than using the video chat if you would prefer. I found that the site worked well. You are able to hear both the audio from the chat and from the video you are playing without either one dominating and it was nice to be able to see a completely synchronized version of a video file and also have the ability to start and stop it. This is a nice option for watching videos remotely with other people, though the limited types of files that are supported do limit its usefulness. Hopefully they will be able to expand the service in the future. Special thanks to Heather Moorefield-Lang’s Tech 15 site which is where I first learned about this app.


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