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December 15, 2014 / carlispina

Learn Or Teach Programming With Code With Anna and Elsa

Last week was Computer Science Education Week, which means it was also the week in which many schools participated in the Hour of Code. This project encourages students to spend one hour learning some of the basics of coding and programming to encourage interest in computer science and to show how quickly kids can get started with computer programming. This year, Hour of Code launched a new activity with a Frozen theme to get kids interested in learning to program.

Code with Anna and Elsa uses Google Blockly as the base for a cute activity in which students manipulate blocks that look similar to puzzle pieces to create a program that makes Elsa skate across the ice. As students follow the instructions they also unlock pop up messages that explain the code that exists under the puzzle pieces and tell you how much code you have written. These pop ups will also tell you if you could have used fewer puzzle pieces to write more efficient code. Throughout the tutorials videos provide instructions about the topics covered and inspiration to keep working. Along the way, students create images through their code that can be shared via URL, printed, or saved to the gallery. Students who finish the entire tutorial can also personalize and share a certificate saying that they completed the Hour of Code. This is a fun, structured introduction to code that will appeal to fans of Disney’s Frozen. Since it makes use of Google Blockly code, which is similar to Scratch, there are lots of avenues for students to pursue once they have completed this tutorial and hopefully many of them will continue down these paths after they are done with the Hour of Code. You can watch the introductory video for this project below.


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