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December 4, 2014 / carlispina

Make Animated Videos With Wideo

Wideo LogoAnimated videos can give your project a professional look, but they are often expensive and difficult to create. Wideo is a tool that makes animated videos much more approachable at any budget or skill level. The tool includes everything you need to get started creating animations in a matter of minutes.

Once you have signed up for an account, you can immediately start creating videos. Wideo offers a lot of tutorials and videos that will help new users get started with their features and also offers a fairly intuitive user interface. It also offers templates that can help new users to get started, though I started from scratch with my first project with no difficulty. If you opt to start from scratch, you will be presented with a screen that looks somewhat reminiscent of a presentation creation tool. This is because different scenes within your animated video are treated as different slides to the right of the screen. If you are working with a free account, you are limited to a 45 second video, but within that time you can have as many scenes as you would like. To get started, you can choose the background for your video from among the images or colors that Wideo provides or you can instead upload your own background. When you have a background, you can start adding items to your first scene either from the 350 images that you have access to or by uploading your own images if you would prefer. You can also add text (and even animated text) to the scene at any point in the process. These can either be positioned in a static location or animated simply by dragging and dropping them first to their starting position and then to their ending position. Once you have defined their path, you can also set the time at which the motion occurs and the way that the item enters and exits the screen. As you move through the process of creating your video, you also have the option to preview an individual scene or the entire video using the buttons to the bottom left of the screen (as seen in the screen shot below).

Wideo Screenshot

When you are happy with the video, you can also add music, again either from the included library or by uploading your own audio. Unfortunately, I found out the hard way the first time I used Wideo that it doesn’t autosave very frequently, but there is a save button at the top of the screen that makes it easy to ensure that you never lose your work. The same bar at the top of the page also has an undo and redo button to make editing your project much easier. Finished projects can be shared via URL, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube or can be embedded on your website with the provided embed code. The free version of the tool doesn’t allow users to download their videos or remove the Wideo watermark, but there are paid subscriptions if you need this additional functionality. Wideo is an easy tool to get started with and the resulting videos look very professional.


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