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December 1, 2014 / carlispina

Host Virtual Classroom Discussions And Event Backchannels With TodaysMeet

TodaysMeet LogoWith the advent of social media, participants in classes, conferences, and other events have started a social media “backchannel” to facilitate virtual conversations. This can be a great way to have large-scale conversations in a big conference hall or to allow people to ask questions while a speech is being delivered. However, these sorts of backchannels are generally public and can get lost in the shuffle of other posts on the reader’s social network. Moreover, the use of such a backchannel presupposes that all of the participants have accounts on the same social network. TodaysMeet solves these issues.

Using TodaysMeet you can create an online meeting space for any event without even needing to create an account on the service. All that is required is a name for the room and a determination of how long you would like it to remain open. You can opt to have a room that is open for 1 hour, 2 hours, 8 hours, 1 day, 1 week, or 1 month without registering for the service; but if you decide to register for a free account, you can keep the room open for up to a year. Accountholders also have the ability to make their meeting rooms private, moderate content, and manage multiple rooms on a single account.

Once a room is created, it is easy for participants to use it by selecting a nickname and then typing their questions or comments into a box that looks much like a comment box on Twitter, including the fact that each comment can only be a maximum of 140 characters. Once comments are submitted, they appear in a feed on the left side of the page. If you would prefer, this feed can also be embedded on other websites so your backchannel appears directly where your participants find other information about your event. All of these features combine to make TodaysMeet a nice tool for facilitating virtual conversations at any type of event.


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