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November 17, 2014 / carlispina

Receive Your Twitter Favorites Via Email With Hubbble

Hubbble LogoIf you are a Twitter user you have probably devised a method for saving interesting information that you find in your timeline. Some read everything immediately, some save tweets via a service such as Pocket, and others opt to save them as “favorites.” If you fall into the latter category and find yourself forgetting to go back to what you have saved, Hubbble is for you.

Once this services is connected with your Twitter account it will send you an email with all of the tweets you have favorited on a weekly basis. The tool offers only a few spare features. You can set the email address to which the email is sent and select which day your will receive it, but there are currently no options to change the frequency with which you receive the emails. Even with this very basic functionality, Hubbble is a useful way to get automated reminders of your Twitter favorites and to transfer any links you have favorited to your email. When I tried it, I found that the emails worked well and presented the tweets in a way that would allow a user to click through to any links in the tweets or to retweet or respond to the tweet directly from the email. Unfortunately, it does not appear as though you can click through directly from the email to the original email itself, but this is a minor issue since the email will still appear in your favorites list on Twitter. Overall, Hubbble is a nice tool for managing and keeping track of your Twitter favorites.

Three easy steps to get started with Hubbble.

Three easy steps to get started with Hubbble.

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