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November 13, 2014 / carlispina

Share “Sparks” With Your Friends

Sparks LogoSparks is built around allowing users to share personalized GIFs (or “Sparks”) with their friends. The process is very streamlined. When you first open the app, you are presented with popular Sparks that others have created. If you would prefer to explore other Sparks, you can both navigate by topic or by searching. If you click on one of the Sparks, you can like it or share it via Facebook, Twitter, email or text message.

You can also create your own Sparks using either existing GIFs that are pulled in from Giphy or your own media from your device’s library. To do so, you just select the image or clip you want to use and you are then given the option to add text and a style to the GIF. Though the styles initially look like standard image filters that are seen in many apps, they are named for various moods and not only add a filter to the GIF, but also change the font of your text. The text can be right, left or center justified and once you have typed your desired message, you can also drag the text around on the image until you have your intended placement. At that point, you are ready to publish your GIF. The publication process prompts you to assign your Spark to up to three “channels,” which are topic areas that fit your GIF. You can also automatically share the GIF on Facebook or Twitter when it is published.

Fans of GIFs will likely enjoy Sparks. It offers a nice way to find new GIFs to share while also making it simple to create and share your own.

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