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November 10, 2014 / carlispina

Commons Machinery – Building New Tools to Give Context to Digital Objects

Commons MachineryToday’s post highlights an interesting project rather than one specific tool. Commons Machinery is a development company that specializes in, as they put it, “putting digital works into the right context. Information, such as who the creator of an image or a song is, its terms of use, where it was created and when, contribute greatly to the meaning of a work online. But this information is routinely lost, when a work is shared between people or uploaded to social media.” This has already translated to a number of tools, including several plugins and add-ons that make it easier to deal with image attribution.

These tools show a lot of promise for improving the way that attribution is dealt with on the internet and Commons Machinery clearly has plans to continue to expand their offerings in the future. They are also interested in working with interested parties, including both students and those looking for paid employment. You can learn more about their work through the video below.


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