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October 30, 2014 / carlispina

Take 360° Photos With Photo Sphere

Photo Sphere LogoPhoto Sphere is a fun app from Google that makes it easy to take 360° photos with your mobile device. Available for both iOS and Android devices, the app will default to using your Google account, but you can opt to use it without connecting it to your Google account as well. Once you have set up an account, the app will walk you through the process of creating your first photo, but it is fairly self-explanatory. The app displays an orange circle at the center of the screen with a hollow white circle around it. To create a 360° photo, you simply keep the orange circle centered within the larger circle as you smoothly move your phone around for the full 360°. While this might sound difficult, the app can sense when the circles are properly aligned and won’t take individual pictures until they are aligned, so even if you slip, you won’t ruin your photo. Once you have moved in a complete circle, you can continue to add to the photo by doing a second circle above or below the first. After you have finished taking all of the images, the app will stitch them together into a single 360° image, which will be saved to your device. You can also share the completed image on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, or via email. You can either allow the app to use your device’s location information or manually enter the location where the photo was taken to have the option to upload the image to Google Maps.

While the app has obviously been created at least partially for this last feature, as it will help Google to crowdsource the addition of photos to Google Maps, this doesn’t take away from how impressive the final images are. And, users have the option to keep their photos private if they would prefer. Overall, this is a fun way to take impressive 360° photos and well worth a try.


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