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October 20, 2014 / carlispina

Make Your Photos Look 3D With Seene

Seene LogoPhoto apps are some of the most popular and most fun apps for mobile devices, with each one attempting to set itself apart from all the other photos apps that are available. While not every app successfully offers something new, Seene is one example of an app that transforms what you can do with photos you take with your mobile device. Using a simple process of moving your device in an arc while taking a photo, Seene allows you to create impressive 3D effects in a 2D photo.

Getting started with Seene is simple. You point your device’s camera at your desired subject, tap the screen to bring the photo into focus, press the shutter button, and then continue to move your device in a steady arc until the green circle at the center of the image has expanded fully. After a few seconds of processing, you will have the option to add filters, additional effects, captions, and hashtags to your image before finalizing it. And then, you will have an image that appears three dimensional as you slowly rotate your device from side to side or drag your finger back and forth across the image. Finished images can be shared to Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr from within the app, but you can also make your photos private if you would prefer. From within the app you can also view other users’ images to get inspiration and to see all of the interesting effects that users have created.

Creating a perfect image with Seene takes some practice and as of right now the app doesn’t work very well with smooth, transparent, or moving objects. But, despite these limitations, the app is a fun new tool for creating and sharing impressive images and visual effects. Best of all, it is free, so it is worth trying out if you enjoy taking photos with your mobile device. You can see the app in action in the tutorial below.


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