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October 16, 2014 / carlispina

Find Great New Recipes With SideChef

SideChefWhether you love to cook or have never even turned on your stove, SideChef is a great cooking app. Currently available for iOS devices with an Android version currently in beta testing, the entire app is designed to make it easy to find great recipes and then even easier to follow the recipe while you are cooking.

The first step is to find an interesting recipe. You can browse through recipes by chef, most recently added, featured, or course. You can also search by recipe or find all the recipes associated with a particular tag, such as region of the cuisine or occasion. And if you want to focus on recipes from your friends or favorite chefs, SideChef allows you to follow other users and see their recipes on the “My Feed” page of the app.

Once you have picked a recipe, you can either read through the ingredients and steps in the process (complete with photos) or you can press the “Cook” button, which will prompt the app to start reading the steps in the recipe aloud to you. When you have completed each step, you can either touch the check mark to move on to the next step or use the built-in voice activation to move to the next step without touching your device while cooking. When you get to any step that requires a set period of time, such as a cooking time, the app automatically offers you a timer for that amount of time. If you want to peak ahead at any point to see what is coming next, you can swipe to the future steps and then return to your current step with the tap of a button.

The app has a lot of other nice features built in as well, such as the option to switch units between U.S. units and metric, guidelines that will help you write up and upload a recipe for approval, and an option to email the list of ingredients for a recipe, which is handy if you want to send them to yourself rather than taking your device to the store. Overall, I found it to be a very usable app that amateur chefs will love.


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