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October 13, 2014 / carlispina

Teach Or Learn Programming Concepts with CodeMonkey

CodeMonkeyWith new tools for teaching and learning computer programming concepts emerging all the time, it can be hard to keep up with what is available, but one new option that debuted recently is CodeMonkey. Taking the form of a game, CodeMonkey teaches computer programming by having users attempt to move a cartoon monkey around the screen to help him find his bananas.

The game starts at a very basic level, similar to that seen in other apps aimed at young children, with a focus on teaching users the ideas behind getting a computer to follow a precise set of instructions. To this end, users are primarily asked to simply construct instructions composed of turns and specific numbers of steps rather than being asked to use actual computer code. As the game progresses, it moves on to more complex topics that are more closely aligned with other programming languages, such as for-loops and arrays. New levels are being added on an ongoing basis and CodeMonkey has even been piloting a program for schools, which will make it easier for teachers to integrate CodeMonkey into their classrooms and track students’ progress. They are also working on translations into new languages, which is great for teachers working with non-English speakers.

CodeMonkey is an engaging tool that seems most suited for young learners, who will appreciate the cute characters and animations. Though only basic programming concepts are covered, it is a nice option for introducing programmatic thinking to children.


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