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September 25, 2014 / carlispina

Send Audio Messages to Friends With ChitChat

ChitChat LogoChitChat is a new iOS app from IDEO that allows users to share audio messages with others who also use the app. Using the app is as simple as allowing it to access your contacts so that you can find which of your friends use it. You can also search for users on the app if your friends aren’t identified from your device’s contacts. From there you can connect with people you already know who use the app. Once you have identified such friends, you can send them a message by touching and holding their circular icon within the app. As long as you keep holding the icon, you can record a message, which will be sent to them when you let go.

Messages can be sent to a single person or to a group as long as all participants have the ChitChat app. When you get a message, you will see a number on your icon and you can click through to select the message or messages you wish to hear. Messages can be listened to as many times as you wish, but as soon as you leave a message, it is automatically deleted, prompting comparisons between this app and SnapChat. However, ChitChat goes beyond simply offering self-destructing voicemail; because all messages are delivered via the app, it is a nice way to share messages that aren’t time sensitive when you don’t want to interrupt the recipient with a phone call. Although the app will send you a notification that pops up on your phone screen and a number will appear on the app’s logo on your iPhone’s homescreen when you receive a message via ChitChat, both of these notifications are far less intrusive than a phone call. I think this is a nice option for sending voice messages, particularly if you wish to send them at times when a phone call might not be convenient.


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