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September 22, 2014 / carlispina

Turn Your Presentation Into A GIF With GifDeck

GifDeck LogoIf you frequently make slides and upload them to Slideshare, GifDeck is an interesting tool that will allow you to share your slides in a new way. GifDeck turns slide shows into GIFs that can then be shared or embedded anywhere you would normally share GIFs such as on Twitter, in emails, or on a website or blog. The resulting GIF automatically cycles through the slides in the slideshow creating a dynamic and automatic viewing experience.

Using GifDeck is extremely simple. All you need is the link to any Slideshare slide deck, which can be pasted into the box on the GifDeck site as seen below. This means that you can make a GIF of anything shared on Slideshare, not just your own slide decks. Clicking on the gear icon to the right of the box allows you to specify the length of time each slide is displayed, how many slides from the deck are included in the GIF, and the size of the GIF.


Once you have generated the GIF, you can download it to your computer as a .gif file, which can then be shared just as any other GIF would be. This is a neat alternative for sharing slides, though right now it only works with slide decks that have already been shared on Slideshare and there are only three size options for the GIF. If GifDeck sounds interesting, you can try it out for free or you can check out the code on GitHub.



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