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September 4, 2014 / carlispina

Upload Digital Content to Wikimedia Commons with the GLAMwiki Toolset

GLAMWIKI ToolsetAnother project that was discussed during Wikimania 2014 is the GLAMwiki Toolset. Developed by Europeana, in collaboration with Wikimedia UK, Wikimedia Nederland, Wikimedia Switzerland, and Wikimedia France, this toolset aims to simplify the process of uploading large sets of digital assets, particularly by galleries, libraries, archives and museums (GLAMs). Using these tools, GLAMs can bulk upload digital files with their own metadata associated with each of the items.

Though it only officially launched earlier this summer, over 300,000 files have already been uploaded using the GLAMwiki Toolset. Beyond that, it has also helped to make the files that are uploaded with it available to Wikipedia articles in a wide range of languages. It is not only a great way to improve the content that is available on Wikipedia, but also drives traffic to the institutions that have uploaded their content. If you work with a GLAM institution that has considered uploading your digital assets to Wikimedia Commons, this Toolset is well worth taking a look at.


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