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June 16, 2014 / carlispina

Learn to Read Faster With ReadQuick

ReadQuickThe current App of the Week in the Apple App Store, ReadQuick is an interesting app that purports to help users increase their reading speed. Since the app is free while it is being featured in the App Store, I decided to give it a try.

The concept behind ReadQuick is simple. It helps users to read faster by displaying a single word at a time in the middle of the device screen. You can set the exact rate at which words are displayed at any point between fifty words per minute and one thousand words per minute. The reading experience can be further customized by choosing either white text on a black background or black text on a white background, setting the font to the Open Dyslexic font, and choosing between small and large font (it is worth noting that if the large font is selected, some words will appear smaller so that they fit on the screen). Once you are happy that you have optimized your reading experience, you can find text to read either by choosing from one of the featured sources, including Longreads, The Morning News, Techmeme, TechHive, Gigaom, Macworld, and others. Alternatively, you can import you own content from the favorites list on your device, Instapaper, Pocket, Readability, or through the article’s URL. Adding an article from a URL is easy, and, in fact, if you copy a URL on your device and then open ReadQuick, the device will ask if you want to add the URL to your ReadQuick list with one tap. Articles that have been added to the app appear with the time that it will take to read them at the currently set words per minute rate. It is worth noting that ReadQuick strips out all extra material when presenting the text, so you will lose any images as well as the comments section if there is one. You can start reading by double tapping the article in the list; double tapping again once you have started reading stops the words and displays the title of the article, the amount of time left, access to optimization features, and a feature that allows you to rewind by five words if you have missed something. Once you are finished with an article, you will see stats about how long it took and your average words per minute throughout. You will also have the option to delete it from the app if you wish.

As you continue to use ReadQuick, it collects statistics about your use that you can review from the main menu under My Stats. Here you will find how many articles you have read in the past week, month, and year as well as your average speed. You will also see the sources from which you have most frequently read articles and each of these is a clickable link, making it easy to find new articles on these sites. When you first use the app, this section is populated with popular options, so it is another way to find reading options. If you want to share your reading on social media, you can also connect the app to Facebook and Twitter. ReadQuick offers both iPhone and iPad versions, which offer similar functionality, though the iPad version takes advantage of the larger screen size to bring more of the features to the forefront as you read and navigate through your list of articles.

ReadQuick makes speed reading more manageable and purports to help people increase their reading speed over time. Speed reading may not be for everyone, but if it is something that you want to try, ReadQuick will help you along the way.


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