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May 29, 2014 / carlispina

Create Visual Collections and Mood Boards With Curator

Curator LogoCreating collections of visual and textual materials has never been easier than with the Curator app. Each collection on Curator offers 25 rectangles that can include websites, text, or images, giving you the option to fill your collection with all your materials.

To add content to a rectangle, you simply tap on it once to reveal the option to search for a website by tapping on the search icon, import an image by tapping on the camera icon, or tap on the text icon to add text. Tapping on the search icon pulls up a search bar that will take you to google results for your search terms, which makes it easy to find the desired website. If you tap on the camera icon in a square, you can easily add an image to your collection from your device’s album or camera or from Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, or Gmail. You can also search for an image on the web from within the app. Finally, the text icon allows you to type as much text as you would like, which will then be displayed in small font in the rectangle. Once you have filled the desired number of rectangles, you can reorganize them by dragging and dropping the rectangles into a new order. You can also delete any unwanted content by touching and holding the rectangle until an X appears in the upper right corner and then tapping the X.

When you are happy with your collection, you can use the app to present as well by clicking on the first rectangle to expand it to a full screen display and then swiping through the content to move along almost as if each rectangle were a slide in a presentation. The app is a versatile tool for collecting, saving and using content of many sorts. It is worth a try whether you are using it to create presentations or just to create personal collections. The app is free to use, though it costs $6.99 to have access to an unlimited number of collections. You can watch a video introduction to the app below.


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