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May 26, 2014 / carlispina

Map Your Thoughts With Mindly

Mindly LogoIf you are an iOS user, Mindly is a nice app for organizing materials and creating mind maps. It can incorporate text, colors, and images into a diagram that can be used to show the organization for design projects or the outline of a paper to name just two examples. The free version of the app offers a wide range of tools that will meet most users’ needs, though you have the option to upgrade to the full version for $6.99 if you require the ability to add an unlimited number of elements to each level of the map or more export options, including the option to email the map as HTML or the ability to copy to your device’s clipboard.

When you first open the app, you will be given an example of a Mindly map to demonstrate the tools offered by the app as well as the ability to create your own map. If you opt to create your own new document, you will be presented within a single node with a circle with plus signs on it. For each node in the map, including this first central node, you have the option to add a title, color, and icon to change how the node is displayed. You also have the option to add a text note to the node, which will show up as a small icon at the bottom of the circle and will only be displayed if you double click on the circle. To add nodes around this central node, you can click on any of the plus signs in the surrounding circles. You will then be presented with the same options as for the initial node and will also be able to add images either from your device’s library or taken from within Mindly by your device’s camera. If you opt to add an image to your map, it will be displayed as a small circular node, but clicking on it will display the entire image.

At any point along the way, you can click on the Mindly icon to see your entire map displayed on the screen giving an overview of the entire project. Once you are done with the map, you can also print it or export it as a Mindly file or as a PDF. If you upgrade to the full version of the app, files can also be exported as text, OPML, or HTML files. The app can also be connected to your iCloud account to move documents to iCloud. If you like to create maps, this is a great option that will allow you to do so from your iPhone or iPad.


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